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Helping daikoku pass AGLC compliance a day early

Just in time for International Women's Day, Dabber presents woman-led Daikoku, whose e-commerce site has been endorsed by the AGLC for secure, verified online ordering, in store pickup & local delivery.

As a result of changes in the regulation being put in place on March 8th, cannabis retailers across the province need a website solution that will prevent minors from accessing the website.

“Appropriate age-gating needs to be in place; self-attestation by entering age or a drop-down selection of date of birth is insufficient.”
Red Tape Reduction Implementation Act

Daikoku was one of the first through the regulatory process. Legal requirements including additional web banners were identified by the AGLC Inspector and Dabber’s development team quickly made all changes to ensure that Daikoku’s website met all legal requirements for both online sales and delivery of cannabis in Alberta.

Daikoku received its approval on March 7th, 2022, a full day ahead of the regulatory deadline.

“I saw the work they had done with other indie retailers, and loved how the brands felt elevated. I could see where Daikoku could go with a team like Dabber’s to fuel it. Simply put, I felt confident that I was working with a team who understood my concerns and took them seriously. And when I get a reply from my inspector along the lines of “Wow! You implemented those changes fast!” - well, that feels really, really good.”

Mireille Tessier, Owner of Daikoku

Dabber’s solution is designed to help mom-and-pop dispensaries get compliant quickly without spending a fortune. Dispensaries can’t use 3rd-party menu providers according to AGLC regulations so Dabber has stepped in to ensure that dispensaries of all sizes have a compliant and effective solution.

Hard Age Gate
AGLC Compliant

Our solution was endorced by the AGLC as compliant to their new regulations as of March 8th. 2022

Delivery Ready
Flexible Integration

Testing local vs provincial delivery enables fine tuning the most profitable sales channels with Dabber's top tier technical support and access to detailed analytics.

AGLC Endorsed
for online Sales & Delivery

The new regulations go beyond hard age gates, we worked with inspectors to ensure compliance to the new regulation on every point.

Delivering results while others made excuses.

None of the major menu providers delivered a working solution in time for their Alberta clients, shutting down sites completely or leaving dispensaries open to fines & license suspensions due to non compliance.
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