Alberta Dispensaries need an AGLC endorsed website

Did your menu provider hang you out to dry?

Leafly Emails Customers To Tell Them They Can't Help Them

Despite plenty of notice before the deadline, the major iframe menu providers have failed to deliver a compliant solution to their Alberta dispensary clients, opting instead to simply shut down their clients’ e-commerce capabilities.

Emails went out on the day the changes were due (8th of March) informing Alberta dispensaries they would no longer be able to use their menus or sell products online due to the regulatory changes.

Some menu providers even went so far as to tell the press that the cost to small businesses was an unfair expense.

While we don’t disagree that the new regulations will have a slowing effect on e-commerce sales, delivering no solution at all will be much more detrimental to those businesses than the new regulations ever will be.

There are multiple ways to solve the ‘hard age gate’ we believe we’ve come up with one of the most elegant & cost-effective solutions that comply with the regulations while also providing a “sticky” solution that encourages customer loyalty.

We can also provide a premium solution that enables ID scanning & AI facial recognition for those dispensaries willing to spend more to streamline their verification process.

If you’re a dispensary that has been left hanging by their provider, we offer competitive price matching in many instances. We encourage you to reach out to us with your existing menu providers’ invoices and we’ll do our best to provide a comparably priced solution that makes it as painless as possible to switch.

Clients have been pleased with the level of service we provide, Going beyond building simple template-based websites, instead offering fully branded, custom e-commerce solutions with advanced reporting & marketing features like abandoned cart recovery & enhanced SEO.

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