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Beautifully crafted websites that seamlessly integrate with your Cova Point-Of-Sale terminal.

Providing a low maintenance, highly discoverable shopping experience that stands apart from low-cost iFrame alternatives.

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No extra hardware or

custom tablets required

Some providers require you purchase additional devices just to be able to receive orders. With Dabber your orders are tightly integrated with your Cova Point-Of-Sale Terminal.

Beautiful, compliant, managed, custom websites that render perfectly on every device and ensure that you alone will own your customers data.

Your Products
On Google

Your products show up in Google searches with additional relevant information. Embedded iframe sites never will.

Your Brand
Not Theirs

Stand out with a unique user experience built just for you. Stop sharing UX with marketplace providers, that's their brand, not yours.

Your Customer Data

iFrame menu providers own your customer. They will promote competitors, now or in the future. Don't solely compete in ``sort by price`` marketplaces. Dabber ensuresyou're the only one who can access your customer data, enabling direct marketing through email & paid traffic.

Cart Recovery Automation

As much as 80% of shopping carts are abandoned before payment. Recover those sales with personalized emails that bring browsers back, turning shoppers into customers.


The common belief is that you can't buy cannabis ads, but that's not the case. Our experienced marketers have been running profitable paid traffic & retargeting campaigns on Google, Facebook, Snapchat, and Twitter.

Painless POS Integration

Forget keeping separate records for instore & online orders. Our tight integration with Cova POS ensures you'll never have to think about updating your sites inventory. Not using Cova POS yet? Our cashier interface can run in in store sales directly from your websites inventory.

A website as unique as your brand.

Don't settle for a ``me-too`` template website. Ensure your brand shines through from the first click to the last step of the sales process.
  • A site that’s unique to your brand
  • Inventory updates automatically
  • Includes loyalty program and automated email marketing to increase retention
  • Win-back inactive customers with discounts and email campaigns – and you don’t have to lift a finger.

iFrame and marketplace websites cost you more than you think

An Embedded Marketplace Menu Isn’t E-Comm

Beware of embedded marketplace menus dressed up as e-commerce solutions. You should never send customers to a marketplace to purchase your products. You think you’re providing a mutually beneficial click & collect service for your customers, but you’re exposing them to an off-brand experience—and to your competitors.

You Lose Brand Visibility

If the first touchpoint with your business is a 3rd party marketplace, you’ve already compromised your brand experience. An in-store pick up order offers a brief second chance to make a first impression, but delivery or curbside pickup provide less opportunity. The online order experience is critical.

You’re Building SEO for Them

Marketplaces moonlighting as e-comm may provide quick and easy menus, but iFrame embedded menus offer no SEO value (to you). In fact, it serves up search authority to them and drives future product searches to the marketplace, not your site.

They Become the Top of Mind Brand, Not You

When it comes to marketplaces, the more the better. But when one marketplace dominates, they become the brand—and ultimately your competitor. Think: Amazon introducing Essentials; DoorDash haunting the restaurant industry with ghost kitchens.

You’re Forced to Compete on Price

When you’re on display right next to your competitors, with no way to differentiate your brand, you compete on price and location only. Of course there are always customers looking for just that, but top brands have proven many consumers value a unique experience and are loyal when they find it.

They Take More Than They Give

When a marketplace captures a customer's login, that profile is theirs. When they then try to move in, with promises of cheap POS or end-to-end retail solutions, they aim to capture 100% of that data. Soon, they understand your customer better than you do, and have everything they need to market directly to them and redirect them to the highest bidder.


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A website that helps you get discovered
Products On Google

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Custom Website
Abandoned Cart Recovery
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Website and ProductSEO
$4,499 $53,988 $45,000
SEO and Marketing To Stand Out

With ProductSEO+ we interlink products, categories, terpenes, tags, and more!

Custom Website
Abandoned Cart Recovery
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Website, SEO, and Advertising
$5,499 $65,988 $55,000
For Dispensaries In Highly-Competitive Areas

With ProductSEO+ we interlink products, categories, terpenes, tags, and more!

Custom Website
Abandoned Cart Recovery

Advertising on Google and Facebook

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